Dragon Touch MID970IPS Review

Dragon Touch MID970IPS Review, 2.7 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
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These days having a tablet computer is like having a cellphone. It is no longer something you simply want, but something you really need in order to keep pace. The issue some people have, in fact the issue a lot of people have, is with the price of the well known tablets such as IPAD. We are talking about a tablet that cost little over $500. Even though it is considered high end, a lot of people just cannot shell out that kind of money. The Dragon Touch MID970IPS offers the perfect solution for those who cannot afford high end laptops.

Dragon Touch MID970IPSGood Wifi connectivity

Good Wifi connectivity is a must for serious tablet users, and you will have no issues when it comes to the Dragon Touch MID970IPS. However, sometimes it will not be as fast as you would like it to be, because the network you are on might not be that good. You will have to make sure you are in a good spot so that you do not have to worry about the internet dropping and having to reconnect constantly. All in all, web pages will load pretty easily. Those web pages that have a lot of graphics though might take a little bit longer to load.

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Screen is solid, but it is not the best

 The screen that comes with the Dragon Touch is going to be suitable for you doing what you need to do, but it is not going to be the best screen to some people. Why you might ask? Well some people say that the screen only looks good when it is viewed from certain angles, but not when it is looked at from others. Now none of this is going to have an impact on you using the tablet itself, but it might be an irritance for some. The colors you will view on the screen are simply going to look a bit different, according to what some people say, based on the angle they are being looked at from.

Good for light activities

The one thing you have to understand about the MID970IPS is that it is indeed not an IPAD. What this means is you will not be able to engage in intense activities effortlessly as you might want. But for simple activities such as emailing, reading books, simple internet browsing, and playing games that do not have high end graphics this tablet works just fine.

Dragon Touch MID970IPS ReviewIn closing, the Dragon Touch MID970IPS is a tablet that simply because it is priced inexpensively does not mean you are going to get something that is inferior to the IPAD. With this device you are going to get something that will do exactly what you expect it to do and more. What is even better is this device is going to do it just as well as the so called high end tablets on the market. So do not let yourself go without a tablet any longer. Instead go for the affordable option and do not second guess the decision.

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